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For the families of individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD), life can be so full of joy and fulfillment, but it can also be full of daily challenges. Many times it requires continuous care and supervision to ensure they are properly taken care of and their needs are met, but a question looms over these families and their current routine: Who will do this after they’re gone, or when they can’t physically care for them any longer?

Real Life Village is being birthed out of this existing need in the greater Chattanooga community to provide a live-in care facility for adults with IDD so they are properly cared for and their families are supported. 

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Real Life Village will provide various types of therapy, vocational & recreational activities, and live-in care in an atmosphere of faith-based love, acceptance, inclusion, and encouragement. 


Through planned events and fellowship time, relationships will grow through intentional relationships with staff and residents.


Our residents need to be encouraged on their spiritual journey, and this happens best when they are surrounded by people who share the same values. 


We are dedicated to helping each resident obtain daily physical and medical care, job skills, meaningful activities, and higher education.


Real Life Village not only supports individuals with IDD, but also provides professional counseling services to help them navigate emotional needs and experience a community of support.


At Real Life Village, we are in the development phase to create a live-in care facility to care for those with IDD and support their families. The following images represent the facility we are raising funds to build the first phase of the development.

Rendering: Community Building

Rendering: Resident Cottage

With your support, we are creating the first phase of Real Life Village to house and care for 16-20 adults with IDD.


Mitchell & Sharon Maloney

On November 9th, 1990, my wife, Sharon, gave birth to our twin sons, Brandon and Jonathan. As full term babies, they were healthy, active, and growing as expected by all outward appearances, until one night when Brandon experienced a grand mal seizure and was hospitalized for stabilization. Several days later, Jonathan experienced the same type of seizure, and that was the beginning of a life-long journey of caring for our sons. After a period of years filled with unanswered questions and diagnoses, the boys were finally diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, as well as being mentally challenged. For years we have continued to hope and pray for a cure, but to this point that has not happened.

Today, Brandon and Jonathan are 32 years old and require 24/7 supervision. Just like most parents would, we try our best to provide as much opportunity for them as possible, but this hasn’t been easy. Thankfully, they are very active in our community of Cleveland, TN, and over the years have been blessed to know so many caring people, from our mayor to school officials, to their pastors, to business leaders and many others. More than anything, they love to be in church and volunteering as baristas at Inman Coffee (sponsored by the Salvation Army). While these relationships and community involvement have been so vital to our boys feeling loved and supported, we’re burdened with the same question other families with IDD family members are dealing with…

"What will happen to them when we can’t care for them anymore?"

About 12 years ago, I began to pray and dream about one day creating a residential village as home for adults who are diagnosed with Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Today, that dream is becoming a reality through Real Life Village!

We have purchased 26 acres of land in the heart of Cleveland, TN, and are currently in the process of building the first phase of Real Life Village (RLV), to provide long-term care for adults with IDD and counseling support for their families. This is no small endeavor, and with the support of our Board of Directors, generous donors, and the help of many concerned supporters, RLV will be open to serve the needs of these individuals and help them experience a future full of safety, hope, purpose, and joy!

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The problem is substantial, but it's one that we can solve together. Ask God how He's calling you to help.


Financially support Real Life Village by giving a one-time or regular monthly gift to support the organization.


Volunteer to offer hope to those who are affected by Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.

"Real Life Village will meet a vital and valuable need for families like ours who want the assurance that their adult special needs children are in a pleasant, safe and faith-based environment when they can no longer be  cared for at home. What a blessing it will be to have peace of mind for their futures!"
"I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy who was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of two. My first thought was 'What happens to him when I am gone? Who will care for him? What will his quality of life be?' Knowing there is a place like Real Life Village, where my son could not only live but thrive, gives me so much hope. He will not only be cared for but cared about. What a blessing!"


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